STA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Swimming


Swimming teachers are able to seek employment in a wide variety of leisure facilities including private health clubs and school swimming pools through to large local authority leisure centres. As a swimming teacher, you would be responsible for planning, delivering and evaluating a series of progressive and fun swimming lessons teaching non-swimmer through to advanced participants. You will be able to teach a range of aquatic and safety skills such as floating, rotation, water confidence, swimming strokes, water safety and competitive starts and turns. You would be responsible for ensuring the lesson area and appropriate equipment is safe and promoted good teaching and learning.

Qualification Objective

The STA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Swimming qualifies learners to teach non-swimmers through to advanced participants.

Target Learners

Swimming teachers who hold the STA Level 2 Award in Teaching Swimming who wish to teach advanced participants and advanced swimming skills.


Experienced swimming teachers may wish to take on a mentoring role within the workplace, become responsible for co-ordinating or managing the learn to swim programme or share their knowledge and experience with the next generation of swimming teachers by becoming an aquatic tutor.

Alternatively learners may wish to expand their teaching portfolio to teach those with disabilities and baby and pre-school participants.

Industry Standards

The STA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Swimming is partially mapped to the following occupational standards:

  • SKAD472 – Plan a series of coaching sessions
  • SKAD473 – Prepare the coaching environment
  • SKAD483 – Manage safe and effective sports coaching
  • SKAD482 – Plan sports coaching programmes
  • SKAD484 – Manage the delivery of effective sports coaching programmes
  • SKAD485 – Develop participant performance through effective sports coaching
  • SKAD486 – Monitor and evaluate effective sports coaching programming
  • SKASC7 – Evaluate sports coaching programmes and practice.

It also references the following industry guidance documents:

  • PAS 81:2011 Specification for the management of a swimming school
  • HSG179 Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools
  • STA Swimming Teaching Code of Practice.