STA Level 2 Award in Pool Lifeguard

The STA Pool Lifeguarding qualification has been designed to give learners the knowledge, understanding and skills that are needed to provide constant poolside supervision of a swimming pool and working within the leisure industry.

Qualification Objectives

The STA Pool Lifeguarding qualification is designed to train learners in pool rescue, CPR techniques, first aid and dealing with poolside emergencies in accordance with National Occupational Standards, Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools, British Standard BS EN 15288 Part 2 Safety

Requirements for Operations, and the CIMSPA Employer Led Professional Standards – Pool Lifeguard.

Target Learners

Learners who would like to work as a lifeguard in a swimming pool or leisure centre in a pool supervision capacity.

Learners need to be 16 years old at the point of assessment and meet the pre-course requirements listed under entry requirements.


The STA Award in Pool Lifeguarding qualification is a standalone qualification. Experienced lifeguards may wish to become a Lifesaving Tutor where they can train other lifeguards and share their experience while working as a lifeguard.

Learners may also wish to teach other swimmers and may use their pool lifeguard knowledge to become a junior lifeguard instructor or junior medic.

Many learners who currently work in the leisure industry will have started working as a lifeguard and progressed onto other fields including gym instructor, swimming instructor or duty manager at pools that range from a single pool to a large leisure type pool.

Additional qualifications learners may wish to take could include, Emergency First Aid at Work, First Aid at Work, Pool Plant Operations, Junior Lifeguard Instructor, Junior Medic Instructor, the STA Award and Certificate in Teaching Swimming.

Industry Standards

  • CIMSPA Employer Led Professional Standards – Pool Lifeguard
  • National Occupational Standards C28
  • HSE publication ‘Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools (HSG 179)
  • British Standards BS EN 15288 Part 2, Safety Requirements for Operations
  • Resuscitation Council UK Guidelines.