Pool Water Testing


The STA Level 2 Award in Swimming Pool Water Testing is designed to provide the basic information needed and the skills necessary to competently test Swimming Pool and Spa water and to provide a basic understanding of the outcomes of those tests.

Qualification Objectives

To equip candidates with the skills and theoretical knowledge to competently test swimming pool and spa water and a basic understanding of what the results indicate.

Target Learners

This qualification is relevant to those responsible for recreational water testing. Some examples of sites where water testing is required include:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Sports and Leisure Centres
  • Health Clubs
  • Spas (Including those displayed in retail outlets / distributors / installers)
  • Hotels
  • Holiday Parks
  • Hydrotherapy Pools
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Lidos
  • Interactive water features
  • Swim schools


Following completion of this qualification learners can further their education in pool plant operations by undertaking a Swimming Pool Water Treatment or Pool Plant Operations Qualification. They could complete other leisure and recreation related qualifications. Gain / continue employment in leisure and recreation.

Industry Standards

The Pool Water Testing qualification follows the principles set out in the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group’s (PWTAG) code of practice and publication ‘Swimming Pool Water’. If follows a range of Health and Safety guidance documents including:

  • HSG 179
  • HSG 274
  • HSG 282