STA Level 2 Award for Fire Safety Training


Fire Marshall is designed to educate learners in fire safety management at work. The qualification covers fire safety inspections, legal requirements relating to fire safety in the workplace and the roles & responsibilities of the fire warden.

Qualification Objective

Learners who successfully complete this qualification will be able to:

  • Understand the hazards and risks associated with fire in the workplace
  • Understand how fire risk is controlled in the workplace
  • Understand the principles and practice of fire safety management at work
  • Understand the role of the nominated fire warden.

Target Learners

This is designed for supervisors, managers, or anyone with a specific responsibility for workplace fire safety, providing them with a foundation of fire safety knowledge. Once qualified, it will enable the holder to perform the role of fire marshal / fire warden, as well as helping to increase general fire safety awareness in the workplace.


Holders may wish to progress further in the fire safety field by becoming a fire risk assessor or fire safety technician.

Industry Standards

The qualification is based upon the National Occupational Standards (NOS) developed by the Skills for Fire and Rescue Skills Sector Council (SSC), covering elements from:

  • FSA0 Collect information to support fire risk assessment
  • FSA1 Assess risks associated with fire
  • FSA2 Implement measures to protect people from fires
  • FSA3 Implement action in the event of actual or potential fire
  • FSB2 Advise on self determined risk assessment
  • FSB3 Evaluate fire safety design submissions
  • FSB4 Advise on simple fire safety measures
  • FSB5 Advise on complex fire safety measures
  • FSB7 Advise on fire safety measures in locations using hazardous materials
  • FSB9 Work in partnership to minimise risks to the community
  • FSC1 Advise on fire safety issues relating to proposed construction and materials
  • FSC2 Advise on issues relating to fire protection systems
  • FSC3 Advise on fire safety issues relating to construction, demolition or refurbishment in progress

It also meets an employer’s ‘Duty of Care’ responsibilities under The Health & Safety at Work Act and Management of Health and Safety Regulations.